Attend one of Lisbon’s prime conference spaces 




Pátio da Galé

Pátio da Galé is a historical venue in the heart of Lisbon, located on the Western side of the Praça do Comércio. Prior to the earthquake of 1755, the Pátio da Galé primarily served as the Royal Palace, as well as the central authority for overseas trade. Since its modern renovation in 2010, the old Palace continues its legacy of international exchange by hosting events, such as the GEN Summit 2018. 

The GEN Expo will be held at the iconic Sala do Risco. Located next to the courtyard of the Pátio da Galé, the hall served as a site for ship renovation during the 15th century. Recent renovations have respected its long and narrow structure, thus creating a modern space that is perfectly suited for showrooms and exhibitions. 

Pátio da Galé, Praça do Comércio, 1100 Lisboa, Portugal