Wang Lu

Media Manager
China Media Group

Wang Lu (Jade) is a media manager and marketer with China Media Group, the country’s largest broadcaster formed by the merger of China Central Television, China National Radio, and China Radio International. Before moving into her current role, she was an award-winning radio and television host and the director of EZFM, China Radio International’s English-Chinese bilingual domestic service.

As the demand for high-quality online content surges and China’s netizens become increasingly willing to pay for audio content, Wang’s passion for broadcasting and web-based audio product development has resulted in a podcast project that aims to showcase the best of Chinese culture to listeners at home and abroad. Its initial offerings include audio books like “The Sound of Salt Forming – Short Stories by the Post-‘80s Generation in China”, discussion-panel shows like “RoundTable” and “The Business of China”, and wiki-style podcasts such as “Chords of China”, “A Thousand Whys” and “The Art of War”.



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