Stephanie Gibaud

Author and Whistleblower

Stephanie Gibaud is an author, public relations expert, and whistleblower. In 2008, while she was working for the Marketing department of UBS, her employer asked her to shred documents while an investigation by the French government was taking place. Risking jail, she blew the whistle internally and was accused of defamation by her employers. In the same year, the French authorities asked Gibaud to share confidential information. Her documents have widely helped to identify 38.000 offshore bank accounts amounting to €12 billion, as stated by the French Ministry of Finance.

She wrote ‘La Femme qui en savait vraiment trop’ (The woman who knew far too much) and received the Anticor prize in 2015 before being co-nominated for the Sakharov prize with Edward Snowden and Antoine Deltour. At the end of 2017, Stephanie published ‘La traque des lanceurs d’alerte’ (Who wants to crack down whistleblowers?) with a pre-word from Julian Assange.


Attracting and protecting the next generation of whistleblowers

Session in partnership with The Signals Foundation.

The first generation of whistleblowers was not protected. Many of them were either exiled, fired, or flooded with lawsuits. If the investigative journalism realm wants to welcome a new generation of whistleblowers, it needs to understand their motivations and their wish to be protected. Mafalda de Avelar will be the moderator of this session. Read […]

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