Steffen Damborg

Digital Transformation Specialist & Founder

Steffen Damborg (MBA) is a digital transformation specialist with 10 plus years of experience in all aspects of running an online business in the media industry. He is a former Digital Director and Chief Development Officer at the leading Danish publisher, JP/Politikens Hus, and is currently focusing on Digital Transformation for global media organisations accrued from his knowledge of working extensively in the Scandinavian market. His digital transformation experience includes different aspects of online media management, strategic development and emergent approaches towards new sustainable digital business models in the disrupted Nordic media market and beyond. 

Mr. Damborg holds a MBA degree from Aarhus School of Business and a MSc degree in political science from Heidelberg University/Aarhus University. In 2016 Steffen Damborg was appointed Media & Entertainment Group Discussion Leader at Harvard Business School and founded the consulting group DigitalConsult.


The state of the paywall: Where do we go from here?

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

By now, most digital publishers have tested a variety of paywall/subscription models on their websites to combat the decline in ad revenue. Subscriptions are a way forward, but most publishers still fall short in making up for the lost ad revenue. Rigid paywalls are a starting point, but not a solution by themselves, especially when […]

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