Sonia Narang

Multimedia Journalist
Public Radio International

Sonia Narang is a California-based multimedia journalist who reports for Public Radio International (PRI) on topics ranging from climate change to issues affecting women around the world. Her journalism work focuses on how a changing environment impacts vulnerable communities, and she recently reported a series about climate change in the South Pacific. She draws upon her documentary film background to create character-driven video portraits that reveal significant human rights and cultural issues. Sonia has a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California at Berkeley.


Immersive journalism meets climate change. The story of our accelerator.

Session with the European Forest Institute 

Can a journalist with (near-to) zero experience in producing immersive stories become a 360 video rockstar in just half a year? And running a story on climate change, one of the most complex yet pressing issues of all time? The Global Editors Network and the European Forest Institute have joined forces to experiment this challenge […]

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