Scott Yates

Certified Content Coalition

Scott Yates is the founder of the Certified Content Coalition, a new system of auditing existing journalism groups to help increase the visibility of verifiable publishers to platforms and advertisers. The CCC is an outgrowth of Yates’ time as the first Entrepreneur in Residence at CableLabs, the global center for research in the cable and broadband industry.

Before that he started three companies. The first is now part of Microsoft. The second still operates as BillTrack50. The third is blog writing service where he remains on the board. Before that he was a working journalist in New York City and his home state of Colorado.

He has a journalism degree from New York University and lives in Denver with his wife, son, dog, and dictionary collection, and in his spare time is trying to fix Daylight Saving Time.



Blockchain before crypto: how technology will help journalists to be more efficient and more collaborative

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

Blockchain technologies already went through a first hype cycle with multiple companies trying to sell their own coins. But there is an entirely different perspective called “Blockchain before crypto”. It means that many organizations look into how blockchain can help as a technology, in making processes simpler, payment faster, relationships more reliable. Across the world, […]

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