Sachin Kamdar

Founder and CEO

Sachin Kamdar founded Parse.ly in 2009 with co-founder and former NYU roommate Andrew Montalenti. Prior to starting the company, Sachin was a NYC Teaching Fellow, using assessment data and surveys to personalise curriculum through technology for students in math and economics in Brooklyn. He then started an EdTech consulting company that translated his work as a teacher to help build, implement, and manage a curriculum personalisation system across schools in NYC. Today, Sachin speaks around the world on how companies can incorporate data and analytics into their content and audience strategies. When not running Parse.ly, he is a mentor for Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, he sits on an advisory board for the University of Florida’s Audience Analytics program, and he tutors students.


Lunch with Parse.ly | One Step beyond Referral Traffic: How Tailored Content Will Strengthen Your Audience

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We all agree that we are all different people. We all have our individual goals, beliefs, and experiences. Why then, do we treat our audience as if they were one person? This has to change. Some come to a website through Google or Facebook, some through a link in an email. Some leave immediately and […]


Netflix for news: Is it really that easy?


As news media are moving away from a failing mass consumption model fuelled by advertising, a new personalised model based on subscriptions could be taking over. Will this lead to a more empowered consumer with better return on time investment? And news organisations being adequately rewarded for their work? Can a model created for music […]

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