Ros Atkins


Ros Atkins is the creator and anchor of the innovative daily bulletin Outside Source on BBC World News. He’s reported extensively all over the world covering recent elections in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, G20, EU and Arab League summits and, of course, Brexit. Ros is also the creator and Project Director of the 50:50 Project which works to increase women’s representation in journalism. It started at the BBC and now involves media organisations all over the world. In addition, Ros’ latest podcast, Texting Keith Olbermann, is about an unusual friendship he struck up with one of America’s most famous broadcasters. He lives in London with his wife and two daughters.


50:50: A ‘no-excuses’ guide to women’s representation in news

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Many organisations have aspirations to increase the representation of women journalism, but far fewer have managed to deliver demonstrable change in their work. Ros Atkins is a BBC News anchor who decided in 2016 to try and create a new approach to this issue. The 50:50 Project began on his programme Outside Source and has since grown […]

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