Rina Tsubaki

Communications Manager, Strategic Partnerships
European Forest Institute

Rina Tsubaki connects communities through innovation projects, networks and events. She recently joined the European Forest Institute, an international science organisation, with a mission to build media-science capacities and link two different worlds. Her initiative, the Lookout Station, connects media and science communities around the topic of climate change, with ‘digital innovation’ as the backbone. Its pilot gathers 12 media to get training and mentorship support around immersive storytelling as well as science reporting in order to produce 360-degree videos on climate change impacts and solutions within a 6-month period.

Formerly with the European Journalism Centre, she has always focused on developing opportunities for journalists to learn new methods to do better storytelling. She designed, developed and implemented initiatives like the Verification Handbook, a step-by-step guideline on how to verify user-generated contents for breaking news and how to document for investigative reporting, the News Impact Summits and Academy series for editors, newsroom managers, journalists, start-ups, developers, designers travelling all across Europe.


Immersive journalism meets climate change. The story of our accelerator.

Session with the European Forest Institute 

Can a journalist with (near-to) zero experience in producing immersive stories become a 360 video rockstar in just half a year? And running a story on climate change, one of the most complex yet pressing issues of all time? The Global Editors Network and the European Forest Institute have joined forces to experiment this challenge […]

main stage

Lookout360° — ‘Ask Us Anything’ with all Accelerator journalists

GEN Dome

Any questions for the participants of Lookout360°, the 6-month Climate Change Immersive Story Accelerator? They will all be in Lisbon together with the trainers and some mentors, so that they can share their hands-on experiences in becoming 360 video story rockstars in such a short period of time. Come join us for our casual Ask […]