Rana Ayyub

Investigative journalist and columnist

Rana Ayyub is a prominent Indian journalist, writer and an important voice from South Asia. Rana has been a political writer and an investigative journalist with many mainstream Indian and international publications. She has been an Editor with Tehelka which was India’s topmost investigative magazine. Among her many achievements, her breakthrough investigation in extra judicial murders sent the first serving Home Minister and one of the most important politicians of India behind bars. She has also reported on the anti-Muslim pogrom of Gujarat extra judicial killings by the state and insurgency. Gujarat is a province in India and the vents took place in 2002. She authored an international bestseller titled ‘Gujarat Files: Anatomy of a Cover Up’ , an undercover investigation which exposes the complicity of two strongmen in India, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.
Whether it is reporting on the LTTE from Jaffna or radical terror outfits in India, Rana has been a strong voice for the underprivileged in the Asian subcontinent. She was awarded the Sanskriti award for integrity and excellence in journalism by the former President of India among many other laurels. Her eight month undercover investigation was listed as the twenty biggest investigation of all time across the globe by Outlook magazine. In November 2017, she was awarded the Global Shining Light award in investigative journalism. In a career spanning thirteen years Rana has witnessed intense persecution and intimidation and remains under constant surveillance of the state, being offered a UN special rapporteur to ensure her safety.


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