Paul Quigley

Co-Founder and CEO

Paul Quigley is co-founder and CEO of NewsWhip, a platform that monitors news engagement and predicts which stories will win audience attention. NewsWhip is used by journalists and communicators around the world to spot breaking stories, unpack crises and issues, and better understand what actually engages people. Paul is deeply interested in story virality, political identity, and “fake news”, and has spoken on those topics at many venues including SxSW, Bloomberg TV, and WebSummit.


Verification, but verification of what? The media? The journalist? The article?

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News verification is becoming an essential part of journalism and it goes far beyond the traditional fact-checking. Many startups and news organisations are working on this dilemma: what must be verified? The media itself, the journalist, the piece of information or a mix of those three elements?

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