Olaf Steenfadt

Project Director
The Journalism Trust Initiative

Olaf has launched his career as a radio DJ and host, TV network correspondent and investigative journalist with public German broadcasters ARD and ZDF, where he also worked in corporate communications and strategy. Later he served as a media development consultant for the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Deutsche Welle, before joining Reporters without Borders as a Project Director in charge of the ‘Media Ownership Monitor’ (MOM) and the ‘Journalism Trust Initiative’ (JTI).


Disrupted Trust: Why we launched the Journalism Trust Initiative


Journalism is disrupted, and at the same time, so is trust in journalism. Our duty – as editors and journalists – is to enforce standards in order to stop the spreading of falsehoods and disinformation online. Reporters without Borders – also known under its French name Reporters sans frontières (RSF) -, alongside the Global Editors […]

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