Natalia Antelava

CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Coda Story

Natalia Antelava is a co-founder and CEO of Coda Story, as well as an Emmy-nominee, and award winning journalist. Originally from Tbilisi, Georgia, Natalia started her career freelancing in West Africa, but has since been BBC’s resident correspondent in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Middle East, Washington DC, and most recently India. She has covered the war in Eastern Ukraine, reported undercover from Burma, Yemen and Uzbekistan. Her investigations into human rights abuses in Central Asia, Iraq and the United States have won her a number of awards. She has also written for The Guardian, Forbes magazine and the New Yorker, among others.


The verification challenge: are platforms the problem or the solution? (or both of them)

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

Regulation is becoming the keyword of 2019: Not a single interview featuring a news media CEO, a minister or a head of state goes by without mentioning the need for regulations. And platforms themselves agree that misinformation, hate speech, and lack of privacy are threatening our democracies. Are these platforms our enemies, allies or frenemies? […]

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