Mirko Lorenz

Innovation Manager
Deutsche Welle

Mirko Lorenz is a journalist turned project innovation manager, with a focus on applications for newsrooms. He is working for Deutsche Welle for more than 10 years, usually in EU Co-funded technology projects. His current project is called Bloomen.io and an exploration how blockchain technologies and smart contracts can be used to manage media assets, such as photos, videos or music. Mirko is also the founder and co-CEO of Datawrapper, started in 2012 and alumni of the GEN Startup For News challenge as well as the 2013 winner. Datawrapper is located in Berlin and currently employs 12 full time data visualisation experts. Mirko Lorenz contributed to the 1st edition of the Data Journalism Handbook and served as the director of the GEN Data Journalism Awards in 2014.


Blockchain before crypto: how technology will help journalists to be more efficient and more collaborative

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

Blockchain technologies already went through a first hype cycle with multiple companies trying to sell their own coins. But there is an entirely different perspective called “Blockchain before crypto”. It means that many organizations look into how blockchain can help as a technology, in making processes simpler, payment faster, relationships more reliable. Across the world, […]

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