Mary-Katharine Phillips

Media Innovation Analyst

Mary-Katharine Phillips is a media innovation analyst for Twipe, a leading provider for edition publishing and analytics. Last year she released two research reports, looking at how publishers are reinventing the newspaper format for digital and how news readers are responding (and paying) for these new formats. She has a particular research interest in digital habit formation and the business case for audio. Originally from the United States, she’s been living in Belgium for the past 6 years.


Is the pivot to podcast sustainable and how to go beyond the anglosphere?

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

Radio and podcasts have seen a recent revival of the “voice economy”, allowing users to consume audio content at their own pace. Is the business model sustainable in the long term? What about the format? Is there a unique way to produce a successful podcast and are there other viable formats, as well as languages […]

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