Mark Pagan

Project Manager - Google Podcasts Creator Program

Mark Pagán is a filmmaker and podcast producer, educator, and community advocate. Mark has developed media and advocacy programs in South America, Washington DC, and New York City where he launched Brooklyn Free Speech Radio, the borough’s first community-led podcast education and distribution hub. He currently works at PRX, managing the Google Podcasts creator program. His work has been shown at festivals and shows worldwide including Slamdance Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival, Panoply’s Family Ghosts, BRIC Radio, The Moth, and Story Collider. He also produces the award-winning podcast, “Other Men Need Help.”


Is the pivot to podcast sustainable and how to go beyond the anglosphere?

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

Radio and podcasts have seen a recent revival of the “voice economy”, allowing users to consume audio content at their own pace. Is the business model sustainable in the long term? What about the format? Is there a unique way to produce a successful podcast and are there other viable formats, as well as languages […]

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