Mark Little

CEO and Co-founder

Mark Little is the CEO and co-founder of NevaLabs. NevaLabs is a Dublin-based digital media company founded together with Áine Kerr, which aims to use AI to deliver personalised news to users. Mark previously founded Storyful, a social media news agency, which he left in 2015 when he started working at Twitter. There, he was vice president of media in Europe and Africa and later became managing director of the African, European and Middle Eastern division. Mark had a long career at RTE, where he spent over 18 years as a broadcasting journalist and anchor.

Mark has also written three books, ‘Turn left at Greenland’, ‘Zulu Time’, and ‘The New America’.



The latest subscription models and community-centred news


Newsletters and subscriptions are trendy and for a good reason: just like all the latest news initiatives, they are less advertising-oriented and more community-centred. For the new gurus, content production must be paid by the users themselves when they want exclusive and original content.

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