Marianne Bouchart

DJA Manager
Founder of HEI-DA

Marianne Bouchart is a data journalist based in France. She is the manager of the Data Journalism Awards. She is also the founder and director of HEI-DA, a non profit organisation promoting digital innovation and the future of data storytelling. Before launching HEI-DA, Marianne spent 10 years in London where she worked as a web producer, data journalism, and graphics editor for Bloomberg News. She also created the Data Journalism Blog in 2011 and gives lectures at journalism schools in the UK and in France.


Latest trends in data journalism: personalisation and monetisation


Every year, new trends emerge for the thousands of data journalists working all over the world. In this session we want to highlight some of the most important ones, as well as touch base on topics such as monetisation, engagement and personalisation of data projects in news teams worldwide. Mariana Santos will be moderating this […]

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