Mariana Santos

Chicas Poderosas

Mariana is co-founder and CEO of Unicorn Interactive, a new independent media start up on digital storytelling. She is also founder and CEO of Chicas Poderosas, a digital training community to bring more women to technology in media. Until August 2016, Mariana Santos was director of interactive and animation at Fusion Media, Knight Chair of Innovation at FIU. Mariana Santos is a visual storyteller, who did groundbreaking work as a member of the interactive team at The Guardian in London. A trained animator, she pioneered the newsroom’s use of motion graphics to make data stories more compelling. She leads design thinking workshops to increase multidisciplinary approach to storytelling.


Latest trends in data journalism: personalisation and monetisation


Every year, new trends emerge for the thousands of data journalists working all over the world. In this session we want to highlight some of the most important ones, as well as touch base on topics such as monetisation, engagement and personalisation of data projects in news teams worldwide. Mariana Santos will be moderating this […]

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