Maria Ressa

CEO & Executive Director

Maria Ressa is CEO & executive director at Rappler, an independent social news website tailored for the Southeast Asian market, featuring content in Bahasa and English. She is a prominent figure in international journalism, having served as CNN’s bureau chief in Manila and Jakarta for 25 years. In 2005, as head of news and current affairs for ABS-CBN, the country’s largest media network, she was responsible for leading more than a thousand journalists in the Philippines across various platforms. She also authored “Seeds of Terror: An Eyewitness Account of Al Qaeda’s Newest Center of Operations in Southeast Asia” , published by Free Press in 2003, and “From Bin Laden to Facebook: 10 Days of Abduction, 10 Years of Terror”, published by Imperial College Press in 2003.


The new information disorder: from inventory to solutions

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

70 years after the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and 40 years after the debate on the “new world information and communication order”, a new order of misinformation is emerging with the crisis of news media. Misinformation is spreading and platforms’ algorithms dictate what is relevant, prioritising attention-grabbing clickbait. The combination of […]

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