Marc Palahí

European Forest Institute

Marc Palahí is the Director of the European Forest Institute and responsible for leading the organisation as an interface between science, policy and society. Marc has a PhD in forestry and is an expert on forests and global change. He has written articles about the transformational role of forests in fighting climate change and developing a European bioeconomy. Marc believes that as we are facing unprecedented global challenges, such as climate change, water, energy and food security, migration crisis and biodiversity loss, science is more important than ever – and science needs to partner with media to have impact. Solving the global issues needs more scientists speaking like journalists and more journalists thinking like scientists.


Immersive journalism meets climate change. The story of our accelerator.

Session with the European Forest Institute 

Can a journalist with (near-to) zero experience in producing immersive stories become a 360 video rockstar in just half a year? And running a story on climate change, one of the most complex yet pressing issues of all time? The Global Editors Network and the European Forest Institute have joined forces to experiment this challenge […]

main stage

Lookout360° — ‘Ask Us Anything’ with all Accelerator journalists

GEN Dome

Any questions for the participants of Lookout360°, the 6-month Climate Change Immersive Story Accelerator? They will all be in Lisbon together with the trainers and some mentors, so that they can share their hands-on experiences in becoming 360 video story rockstars in such a short period of time. Come join us for our casual Ask […]