Madhav Chinnappa

Director of Strategic Relations, News & Publishers

Madhav Chinnappa is director of strategic relations, news & publishers, working on partnerships and collaboration between Google and the news industry – the Google News Initiative. Madhav launched the Digital News Initiative, which is Google’s overarching framework for engagement with the European news ecosystem. He joined Google in 2010 to focus on Google News & Magazines in the EMEA regions. He has worked in the news industry since 1994 – first in the launch team of Associated Press Television (APTV), a year in M&A at United News & Media, and he spent over 9 years at BBC News, latterly as head of development & rights.

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With the benefit of hindsight (or our biggest mistakes)


We’re back for round five for one of the GEN Summit’s famous sessions. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Many of us would turn the clock back if we could. What are the biggest mistakes decision-makers made and how can we learn from them?
 Madhav Chinnappa will be the moderator of this session.

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