Lucas Menget

Deputy Director

Lucas Menget is a french journalist born in 1974. He as been covering wars and conflicts for radio and television, especially for france info, RFI, France 2 and France 24. He focused on the conflict in Iraq and the Middle East for many years, but also Africa, Asia, and South America. He has been editor in chief of i-télé, a french news tv channel, and he is now Deputy Director at Franceinfo, the French public radio and first news website in France.

He is also the author of “Lettres de Bagdad”, a book published in 2013, and the author and director of “Bagdad, chronique d’une ville emmurée”, a film for Arte Television.


The voice challenge: how smart speakers will change news consumption

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

Search engines have changed the way news content is consumed and produced. With the rise of speakers and vocal/personal assistants, users are now directly interacting with AI-driven devices, creating a new step in the “attention economy”. If smart speakers become as popular as smartphones, news organisations must understand how voice news are consumed, produced and […]

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