Lisa Gibbs

Director of News Partnerships
The Associated Press

Lisa Gibbs is the director of news partnerships at The Associated Press and the Newsroom lead on AP’s automation and artificial intelligence strategy group. As AP’s global business editor, she oversaw AP’s use of automation software to produce roughly 4,000 corporate earnings stories per quarter. Her automation role focuses primarily on text automation and newsgathering tools such as social listening. Her current partnerships role also involves guiding AP’s collaborations with foundations, other news organizations and emerging tech companies.


AI-driven stories: how journalists can work with robots and algorithms

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AI and machine learning are not only about marketing and personalisation. A multitude of experiments in 2017 and 2018 have shown us new processes and workflows that allow journalists to be more than just a data desk in the middle of a newsroom. What does it mean to do data-centred reporting or to focus on […]

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