Lisa Gibbs

Director of News Partnerships
The Associated Press

Lisa Gibbs is the director of news partnerships at The Associated Press and the Newsroom lead on AP’s automation and artificial intelligence strategy group. As AP’s global business editor, she oversaw AP’s use of automation software to produce roughly 4,000 corporate earnings stories per quarter. Her automation role focuses primarily on text automation and newsgathering tools such as social listening. Her current partnerships role also involves guiding AP’s collaborations with foundations, other news organizations and emerging tech companies.


The Augmented Newsroom: How AI will impact the journalism we know


Journalism has been around for over 200 years and the technology that might significantly change it has not even reached the ten year mark. Artificial intelligence will have more impact on content production than the invention of the Internet or social networks. Some institutes even predict that robots and algorithms will produce 90 percent of […]

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