Krishna Bharat

Google News

Krishna Bharat is a technologist, ex-googler, and founding advisor for Grokstyle Inc, a visual AI for retailers company, and Laserlike Inc, a web scale content search, and personalisation platform.

Previously Krishna worked as a distinguished research scientist at Google for over 15 years, where he led a team developing Google’s news product. Among other projects, he is best known for being the creator of Google News, a service that automatically indexes over 25,000 news websites in more than 35 languages to provide a summary of news resources. Google News launched in beta version in September 2002, and was released officially in January 2006.

Krishna also sits on the Board of Visitors of Columbia Journalism School and John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford.


The Impact of AI on Journalism and Democracy

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In recent years the threats posed by AI to democracies through hacking, manipulation and disinformation campaigns have garnered attention. However, there is also a positive side, with technology solutions of the future empowering both the craft and business of journalism and creating new opportunities for civic engagement.

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Q&A with the Founder of Google News

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