Kei Yoshida

Global IT Innovations
News Department, NHK

Kei Yoshida entered NHK in 1997 and has since then experienced several aspects of Visual Journalism in NHK, the sole public service broadcaster in Japan. In the 20th Century, he worked as a video editor and cameraman for news, and afterwards, he was a designer of the video transmission network infrastructure. In 2011, when the Big Earthquake hit eastern Japan, Kei Yoshida produced and edited several documentaries 50mins-75mins approx.

Recently he is challenging “AI, Bigdata Management and New Service Design with research of IOT and Blockchain technology”.


Blockchain before crypto: how technology will help journalists to be more efficient and more collaborative

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Blockchain technologies already went through a first hype cycle with multiple companies trying to sell their own coins. But there is an entirely different perspective called “Blockchain before crypto”. It means that many organizations look into how blockchain can help as a technology, in making processes simpler, payment faster, relationships more reliable. Across the world, […]

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