Julie Foulon


Julie Foulon is co-founder of MolenGeek and founder of Girleek a platform whose mission is to empower more women in Tech through article posts and events. For three years, she was also at the head of BetaGroup, the largest Tech ecosystem from Belgium, composed of more than 8.000 members, where she was organising networking events every month gathering +400 people.

About MolenGeek:

MolenGeek is a tech ecosystem created in 2015 for tech and digital entrepreneurs. The mission is to give accessible new technology and entrepreneurship to all, especially young people without academic background. They also organise thought events and house a start-up incubator and a coding school. Free and open to all, the Coding School offers web and mobile developer training without asking for any academic prerequisites. By collaborating with multinational companies, such as Google or Samsung Electronics, MolenGeek allows young people to shape the future, instead of having to adapt to it. By working closely together with public authorities at all levels, they align their actions and impact.


From Molenbeek to Molengeek


MolenGeek, a tech ecosystem created in 2015, aims to make new tech and entrepreneurship accessible to all, particularly young people without academic qualifications in Molenbeek, Belgium. In collaboration with multinationals, MolenGeek allows young people to help shape the future rather than having to adapt to it, through a number of events, a startup incubator, and […]

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