Jimmy Wales

WikiTribune & Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales is the founder of Wikipedia, the international non-profit online encyclopaedia created in 2001. Wikipedia has over 35 million articles in 285 languages, with nearly 32 million registered editors for the English version alone. This year, Jimmy launched, and became CEO of WikiTribune. WikiTribune is a news platform that brings journalists and a community of volunteers together to ensure that readers have fact-based articles and free news. Jimmy has previously been the executive chairman for The People’s Operator, and is currently a board member for the Wikimedia Foundation.

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Keynote dialogue

The Global Editors Network is proud to receive Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and recently Wikitribune. He is interested in solving the major issues of the news industry and he has accepted to discuss trust in journalism with Ed Williams, CEO of Edelman UK. Trust in media is at stake, with some claiming that the […]

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