Jenni Sargent

Managing Director
First Draft

Jenni led the formation and launch of First Draft, an organisation set up in 2015 to provide guidance and training for journalists in tackling the challenges of reporting in a digital age.

Over the years she has devised and coordinated a number of First Draft’s key initiatives including the International Partner Network, bringing together global newsrooms, universities and social media companies around a common goal to fight misinformation, and CrossCheck France, the first project of its kind to encourage competing newsrooms to collaboratively verify and transparently endorse each other’s work. Building on those experiences, Jenni developed the methodology and technology for CrossCheck International, a cross-border collaborative network built around a bespoke training and investigations platform.


The verification challenge: are platforms the problem or the solution? (or both of them)

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Regulation is becoming the keyword of 2019: Not a single interview featuring a news media CEO, a minister or a head of state goes by without mentioning the need for regulations. And platforms themselves agree that misinformation, hate speech, and lack of privacy are threatening our democracies. Are these platforms our enemies, allies or frenemies? […]

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