Isabelle Roughol

Senior Editor-at-Large

Isabelle Roughol is senior editor-at-large at LinkedIn. She joined the company in Paris in 2012 and built a global team of editors across Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia, who ensure LinkedIn members get the news they need today and join in the professional conversation. She now creates regular columns, stories and interviews on the world of work and business, and is helping build LinkedIn’s data journalism program. Isabelle got her start in traditional ink-on-fingers media; she received a Bachelor’s of Journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and worked as a reporter and editor at The Columbia Missourian, The Cambodia Daily and Le Figaro.


Quality vs Quantity: how to understand and improve community engagement

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

In the past, the media industry has been focusing on reaching large target audiences. Today, the word “audience” is constantly challenged: editors and advertisers have shifted  to building communities, allowing for more interaction and new ways of monetisation. Engagement is the new battlefield of the attention economy. Moderator: Thomas Menguy, CTO and Co-founder, Wildmoka

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