German Garcia

Business Development Director

Germán García, Business Development Director of Alice, is an expert on broadcast international operations. García’s background includes several years in Dorna Sports, where he developed duties on MotoGP rights commercialization. He previously joined several consultancy projects analysing the merger of two national Peruvian televisions, América TV and Canal N, and a consultancy project offering guidance to the Peruvian national RPP Group on a major company re-design.


The visual journalism / 5G challenge: towards new storytelling standards

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

Newsrooms are practicing visual and mobile journalism since years, they are experimenting new formats on social media and dedicated platforms, such as Instagram or Snap, but visual storytelling is still in its infancy. The goal of this panel is to check if standards are emerging and what are the potentialities offered by 5G for media […]

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