Dominique Nora

Managing Editor

Dominique Nora has been the Managing Editor at the french leading newsmagazine L’Obs since March 2018.

She originally graduated as an Engineer in Agricultural Science, and started her journalistic journey in 1984 at the business and finance section of the daily Liberation. From 1988 on, she became a correspondent in New York for Libération and then for the weekly magazine Le Nouvel Observateur (now L’Obs). Back in France, she specialized in information technologies and the computer and telecom, before spending two years as a correspondent in San Francisco (2007-2009) covering the subprime crisis, Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign and the Silicon Valley.

From 2009 to 2012, she managed the business section of L’Obs. She is the author of many acclaimed books : « Les Possédés de Wall Street » (1987), « Les conquérants du cybermonde » (1995), Microsoft, le Hold Up planétaire (1998), « Les Pionniers de l’Or Vert » (2009), « Lettre à mes parents sur le Monde de Demain » (2015).


L’Obs, a French case study: the digital transition of a leading news magazine

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

Dominique Nora is going to explain how her team is changing the culture, the business model and the products to anchor the French magazine in the digital era. And go back to growth and profits. To achieve this goal, L’Obs can leverage its assets: good journalists, a solid reputation for cultural reporting and intellectual debating, […]

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