Diogo Queiroz de Andrade

Former Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Diogo Queiroz de Andrade is a journalist working on the intersection of technology, culture and politics. He has dedicated his last decade to digital journalism: first as a multimedia producer, then as creative director of Observador.pt, and as deputy executive director of Público. He’s now trying to find a future for news in Augmented Reality, the theme of his upcoming PhD.

Diogo is also the author of Manual de Jornalismo Digital, a guidebook for digital journalists (in Portuguese). He has over twenty years of experience as a journalist, a multimedia producer and a documentary director.


AR, the future of immersive storytelling?

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

A decade from now, augmented reality interfaces will be as natural as touchscreens, bluetooth earbuds, and smart speakers are today. For many analysts, the future of media consumption lies beyond mobile devices, and is moving towards interactive 3D environments. The goal of this session is to go beyond the institutional myopia, where many editors argue […]

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