Diogo Queiroz de Andrade

Former Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Diogo Queiroz de Andrade is a journalist working on the intersection of technology, culture and politics. He has dedicated his last decade to digital journalism: first as a multimedia producer, then as creative director of Observador.pt, and as deputy executive director of Público. He’s now trying to find a future for news in Augmented Reality, the theme of his upcoming PhD.

Diogo is also the author of Manual de Jornalismo Digital, a guidebook for digital journalists (in Portuguese). He has over twenty years of experience as a journalist, a multimedia producer and a documentary director.


Mixed reality, spatial computing and the future of immersive storytelling

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Today, MR = AR + VR. 5G technology will definitively connect phones with a new wave of VR and AR headsets. They will be lighter, more powerful and more affordable. Mixed Reality will not only change phone-based matters, but also the latest Bluetooth-connected smartglasses sending the 3D output directly to your eyeball. Be ready for unforgettable […]

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