Dianna Pierce Burgess

Press Forward

Dianna Pierce Burgess has spent the last 20 years in television news, journalism, politics and public relations. She has a broad range of skills and expertise – her experience goes from the White House to the front lines of national television news to the award-winning Foreign Policy magazine and now running her own communications strategy shop in London. Dianna, along with 11 other women, co-founded Press Forward, an initiative to stop sexual harassment in newsrooms with the mission to create safe and healthy workplaces for women and men, and ensure the integrity of the American press.

Dianna started work in journalism at U.S. News and World Report. In 1993 she joined the Clinton White House, helping with press, strategy and communications plans (Haiti, Rwanda, Nixon’s funeral, NATO Summit, nuclear non-proliferation agreement, Middle East, G-8 Summit), and traveling on Presidential trips.

Ms. Pierce is a 5-time Emmy Award winning former ABC News/Nightline producer as well as she won a Peabody Award for ABC News’ coverage of 9/11. She’s covered wars, natural disasters, politics, science, finance, economics, sports and more – from the O.J. Simpson trial to the Iraq War, terrorism to all Presidential elections from 1992 – 2004.

She spent 3 years in South Africa and upon returning to D.C., Ms. Pierce became Director of Public Relations and Marketing for Foreign Policy magazine. The magazine was expanding a growing Internet site and her goal was to help raise the web traffic, introduce videos, and establish the magazine as an online force.

Now living in London, she consults organisations on media strategy.


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