David Neeleman

Stakeholder and Board member
TAP Air Portugal

David Neeleman’s career began in 1984 when he co-founded a low-fare carrier called Morris Air. As president, David implemented the industry’s first electronic ticketing system and pioneered a home reservation system where calls are handled by reservationists working from their homes.

David  created and launched four successful, independent airlines, including the USA’s JetBlue and Morris Air, Canada’s WestJet and Brazil’s Azul.

David founded JetBlue Airways in New York and spent the last decade as Chief Executive Officer (1998 to 2007) and Chairman (2002 to 2008). He then founded Azul, that serves more than 100 destinations with an operating fleet of more than 140 aircrafts.

In June 2015, it was announced that the Gateway consortium, led by David, had won the bidding to acquire a stake in Portugal’s national carrier TAP. Gateway’s investment represents 50% of the airline company.


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