Dan Gillmor

Professor & Author
Arizona State University

Dan Gillmor teaches digital media literacy and entrepreneurship at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He also writes for Slate and Medium Backchannel. A faculty associate and former fellow at Harvard University’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Dan is the author of We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People (2004) — the first book to look deeply at the then-emerging citizen-media movement — and Mediactive (2010), a book aimed at improving digital media literacy. His new project, tentatively entitled Permission Taken, looks at the way governments and corporations are centralising control over technology and communications, and asks what we can do to reverse this trend. Dan wrote a popular business and technology column for the San Jose Mercury News (the daily newspaper of Silicon Valley) from 1994 to 2005 and launched one of the earliest mainstream journalism blogs in 1999. He has co-founded, invested in and advised a number of digital media startups, and is on the board of several journalism non-profit organisations.

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Tens of millions were spent on fighting fake news and providing new tools to restore the trust between legacy media and their audiences. What strategies can newsrooms adopt to fight misinformation? While every country faced the problem at different scales and regarding different topics, misinformation spread across the world with what seems like an unstoppable […]

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