Dan Archer

Empathetic Media

Award-winning journalist Dan Archer is exploring the intersection of immersive technology and journalism through Empathetic Media, a media studio focusing on virtual and augmented reality for newsrooms. Archer was a 2016 Tow Fellow at Columbia University, a 2014 Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellow and a 2011 Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University. His work has been published by the BBC, CBC, Vice magazine, Fusion, San Francisco Public Press, American Public Media and PBS among others and was featured in the AP’s Insight Report into VR journalism, McKinsey’s Industry Report into Emerging Media and the BBC’s Future of News Report. Ferguson Firsthand, the first VR experience from Empathetic, was published by Fusion in 2015 and has been featured by Wired, Killscreen, Mic, Ars Technica and Nieman Storylab. ARc, Empathetic’s augmented reality app, launched in November 2015 and features content from the Red Cross, Columbia University’s Tow Center and the Washington Post. Empathetic’s latest projects include room-scale VR for Colombia’s Center for Peace and Reconciliation and a VR collaboration with Time Magazine and the Gordon Parks Foundation on life in Harlem over the past 50 years. In addition to content production, Empathetic is at the forefront of empirical research in journalistic applications of VR, and published an online white paper on the metrics of empathy in cinematic VR (through the Tow Center/Columbia Journalism Review) in March 2018: http://bit.ly/360Empathy


Betting big on AR?


In 2015, very few considered the possibility that augmented reality could counter the virtual reality hype from Facebook, Samsung, and HTC. Today, however, smartphone and headset makers are extending AR a lifeline – VR is just too expensive and complicated to make, at least for now. Whatever reality it is, any media experimenting in immersive […]

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