Craig Newmark


Craig Newmark is the founder of Craigslist, which started as an email distribution list in 1995 and went on to become a classified ads imperium available in 70 countries. After the success of Craigslist, Craig founded craigconnects in 2011 and the Craig Newmark Foundation in 2016, a philanthropic endeavour, which supports the Trust Project and the News Integrity Initiative at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. Before founding Craigslist, Craig worked as a software engineer for several companies, most notably the Bank of America, Encanto Networks, and Charles Schwab.



News Literacy 2020: how to understand misinformation within newsrooms


Tens of millions were spent on fighting fake news and providing new tools to restore the trust between legacy media and their audiences. Are we certain it’s either money or technology that is the solution? Confronting the misinformation crisis requires a better understanding of news literacy in today’s platform-driven era and relies on the ability […]