Cosmin Ene

Founder & CEO

Cosmin Ene is an entrepreneurial founder with first-hand understanding of the life cycle of entrepreneurial ventures, which he has accumulated over 18 years. Startups he led went through all stages of development from initial idea to marketing and sales, including business development and financing. In 2010, Ene started LaterPay, a micropayment enabler. Between 2005 and 2009, Ene was co-founder and managing director of DELUXE Television. Prior to this, he was an analyst and associate at Munich-based TecVenture Partners, a venture capital investor in the IT, internet, and telecommunications sector.


The Telegram ecosystem: Bots, channels, groups, and supergroups


Conversational journalism is on the rise and editors are using messaging apps in their daily life, but they are not fully aware of how they can be used as a new way to spread news and engage their readers. Messaging platforms are a vehicle for content distribution, but what is the best way to start? […]

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