Christopher Miles

Strategic Partnerships

Chris is on Facebook’s partnerships team, helping to oversee CrowdTangle’s work with news organisations in the U.S. and in Europe. Chris has helped develop CrowdTangle’s News Feed Playbook and elections blueprint, and has produced a number of case studies focusing on partner strategies from around the world. Chris has 10 years of experience working in digital media for a range of legacy and upstart organisations, and as a consultant. He’s originally from Kentucky.


How CrowdTangle is saving news organisations money (and not just because it’s free)

GEN Dome

CrowdTangle is helping news companies redefine their digital strategy — and cut costs. Deutsche Welle’s senior editor for digital, Esra Dogramaci, joins Chris Miles from CrowdTangle to talk about how they’ve used CrowdTangle to save money, innovate their operations, and help their newsroom evolve in the digital age … and how you can, too. This […]