Christina Poutetsi


Christina Poutetsi is a journalist, and a tourism and communication expert. She is a columnist at the news analysis website PROTAGON. Previously (2006 – 2017), she was a tourism and international business editor in the newspaper “TO VIMA”.

She has studied Political Science and Public Administration at the University of Athens, specializing in International and European Studies, and holds a postgraduate degree (MA) from City University, London, in Communications Policy. In April 2013 she completed “The Executive Program on Strategic Reputation Management”, organized by the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and the Reputation Institute.

She was awarded in 2014 with the “Citi Journalistic Excellence Award” in Greece, administered by Columbia University in New York, where she later attended the «International Journalists Seminar». In October 2018 she curated and moderated the first conference on Sharing Economy organized by the Municipality of Athens: “Sharing Tourism Growth”.


Climate Change: time to adapt your travel and tourism section

Greek National Opera (ground floor)

Global warming is affecting tourist destinations as well as the travel industry as a whole. But is the media aware of those long-term developments? When readers want news organisations to be more eco-responsible, it becomes vital to consider the environmental implications of travelling, forcing us to change how we cover travel and tourism.

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