Chris Muller

Senior Director of Audience Engagement

Chris Muller is currently Senior Director of Audience Development & Editorial Initiatives at Taboola, the leading content discovery platform. For more than a decade, Chris has helped top news agencies from around the world establish, expand, and enhance their digital presence through a combination of consultative services and product development. Muller’s work has focused on the change management needed to integrate digital and non-digital operations, and how to bring actionable data into the decisions editorial teams make every day around programming, content creation, and content marketing/promotion.


Acting on reader engagement data in the newsroom: How to get the most out of your stories

GEN Dome

In a post-Facebook Apocalypse era, organic social reach has dwindled and publishers have to rethink digital strategies to d rive the same level of engagement. Rather than focusing time and budgets outsmarting the algorithm, publishers should concentrate on driving more meaningful engagement. This talk will look at the data behind page views and overall site […]