Ariel Conn

Director of Media and Outreach
Future of Life Institute

Ariel Conn is the director of Media and Outreach for the Future of Life Institute. She oversees online outreach and communication efforts, as well as leading collaboration efforts with other organisations. Her work covers a range of fields, including artificial intelligence (AI) safety, AI policy, autonomous weapons, nuclear weapons, biotechnology, and climate change. Ariel has degrees in English, physics, and geophysics and she’s worked with NASA, the Idaho National Laboratory, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, MIT, and Virginia Tech. She also once worked for the ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners where she created a ‘Got Milk?’ ad.


Who should be afraid of AI?

Keynote dialogue

Is artificial intelligence good or evil for our societies and our democracies? How will it impact content producers? This keynote will not give more of the same idioms and mottos, but it will demystify some of the common ideas surrounding AI and the technology’s practical and ethical implications.

main stage