Alexandre Lebrun

Head of Engineering
Facebook AI Research (FAIR)

Alexandre Lebrun joined Facebook through the acquisition of Wit.ai, a startup he founded in 2013. He is currently Head of Engineering at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR). Wit.ai is an AI platform that makes it easy for developers to create applications that understand human language (like bots). Before Wit.ai, Alexandre was the founder and CEO of VirtuOz, “Siri for the Enterprise” virtual agents, acquired by Nuance Communications. He received an MS in Computer Science from École Polytechnique in Paris, France, and spent many years learning Chinese language and culture.


Who should be afraid of AI?


Is artificial intelligence good or evil for our societies and our democracies? How will it impact content producers? This keynote will not give more of the same idioms and mottos, but it will demystify some of the common ideas surrounding AI and the technology’s practical and ethical implications.

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