Alan Renwick

Director of RADAR
Urbs Media

Alan Renwick is the director of RADAR. RADAR is a news agency delivering very high volumes of quality local news stories through humans and robots working together. RADAR is a collaboration between the Press Association and startup Urbs Media, of which Alan is a co-founder.

Alan has over 30 years experience in the news industry across all platforms and in many nations.  Immediately prior to forming Urbs Media with Gary Rogers, he was Strategy Director at Local World. RADAR is already producing and distributing automated news across the UK and Ireland, with plans to expand internationally during 2018.


AI for local newsrooms


Local or regional newsrooms may look the other way when it comes to artificial intelligence. This might be a mistake – AI is not necessarily exclusive to the big and rich. This session will identify the needs of local newsrooms and the available solutions for those with less than 100 staff members. Gerold Riedmann will be […]

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