The state of the paywall: Where do we go from here?

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By now, most digital publishers have tested a variety of paywall/subscription models on their websites to combat the decline in ad revenue. Subscriptions are a way forward, but most publishers still fall short in making up for the lost ad revenue. Rigid paywalls are a starting point, but not a solution by themselves, especially when it comes to mid- and small-size news organisations. Could more flexible subscriptions be the solution going forward?

Only a small part of the audience visiting news sites is willing to commit to a subscription. So, it might be the time to reach beyond subscriptions. We need to find better ways to engage with users through for instance automated personalised content tools and to monetise visitors who might never subscribe. Offers with less commitment – single article purchase or time limited offers based on loyalty metrics – give readers and engaged communities the choice to pay for what they consume and allows the publishers to generate incremental revenue on top of the subscription segment. What are the revenue strategies most likely to succeed in the coming years?”


Catarina Carvalho, Executive Editor-in-Chief, Diario de Noticias

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