Immersive journalism meets climate change. The story of our accelerator.

Session with the European Forest Institute 

Can a journalist with (near-to) zero experience in producing immersive stories become a 360 video rockstar in just half a year? And running a story on climate change, one of the most complex yet pressing issues of all time?

The Global Editors Network and the European Forest Institute have joined forces to experiment this challenge through Lookout360°, a 6-month Climate Change Immersive Story Accelerator. We will discuss how your newsroom can innovate through immersive storytelling and climate change reporting in such a short period of time, and share some secret ‘ingredients’ you would need to make that happen.

Marc Palahi will be introducing the session. Thomas Seymat, a mentor of the programme, and Carole Chainon, also a mentor, will be sharing its developments. Nicolas Magand and Rina Tsubaki will be moderatoring of this session. Don’t miss the ‘Ask Us Anything’ debrief in the GEN Dome right after the session.

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