13 June

 GEN Summit 2019 opening: “is our work serving the people?”


The 9th GEN Summit kicked off today without wasting any time, as Andreas Dracopoulos, Co-President and Director of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation told the crowd of journalists that “Democracy is under attack!” and that the media is sometimes part of the problem. “With great power comes great responsibility. The mission is to build a new era of journalism that focuses on transparency and independence”. These precisely are the issues that we are exploring in this year’s conference — how to spot disinformation, how to control their spread, and how to rebuild trust with communities.

In the next two days, as we dive into the most pressing issues facing journalism today, we’ll keep in mind Mr. Dracopoulos’ remark: “in the philanthropy sector as well as in the media we should ask ourselves a question — is our work serving people?”

The VVV Challenge: Voice, Visual Journalism and Verification

What to expect from Facebook’s new media strategy?

The complicated relationship between Facebook and news organizations was the topic of the Fireside Chat between Jesper Doub, Director of News Partnerships, EMEA, Facebook and former CEO, Spiegel Online and Matt Kelly, Editor-in-Chief at The New European and chief content officer for Archant Group. Doub’s major announcement was that Facebook is seeking new business models to work with publishers – one that will offer newsrooms fair compensation. He even went on to say that publishers deserve better compensation. Facebook looms large in the thinking of publishers of all sizes. The relationship has not always seemed balanced, but in the past year the platform has demonstrated a willingness to understand and engage with publishers,” Doub said.


Kelly and the crowd didn’t take it easy on Doub, and asked about Facebook’s response to the spread of disinformation on the platform, especially in small and developing countries, where the company does not have people on the ground. Doub said that they are trying to improve ways that people from these countries can get in contact with them. “what makes it harder is that we face more and more ethical questions but we should not face them alone. We do need experts, journalists, lawmakers, scientists to collaborate and to come up with solutions. We need to have a broader regulation about what is allowed or not and how we can deal with harmful content.” 


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